Brand Consulting

KARMiC is a brand consultancy that works with clients to help define their purpose in the market and better connect with those who care about – or should care about – their business, brand and products.

KARMiC works with marketing executives and brands to help them connect with constituent audiences through relevant and emotionally resonant actions, associations and content – always reinforcing that purpose is strategy and reciprocity is marketing.

KARMiC begins each assignment with the premise that substance is the ultimate indicator of status and style and looks inside the brand to bring out hidden, ignored or unrecognized truths. Authentically driven brands already have all they need to connect with relevant audiences – they just need to let it come through.

 In a world where national discourse and media messaging can color how brands connect with consumers, KARMiC takes a more expansive and long term view, believing that no matter what is happening around us, the human-centric belief that right thought leads to right action is our key premise.

 Why? Because what you do comes back to you.

A Deed a Day