Why? Because the secret to increased self-esteem, enhanced feelings of value and self-worth, lower stress levels, less anxiety and overall self-care and love is to do something for someone else! I repeat: The best way for you to help yourself feel healthier and happier is by helping others. It’s that easy.

KARMiC’s goal is to help make kindness a daily skill and in doing this, provide a tool for personal “giving” that is behavior based. It’s never been easier to turn your good intentions into actions and mindfulness into kindfulness as you go about your day, every day.

With KARMiC, you can feel happier and healthier, every day.

What's Our Mantra?

Stay Mindful. Be Kindful.

Our Mission

To make Kindness the ultimate cool and substance the true symbol of style. In doing this, we want to create a Kindfulness movement that has the power to better individuals, families, neighborhoods, communities, cities and the world.

A Deed a Day