This Is KARMiC

I created KARMiC as a way to make everyday good deeds a way of life for health, happiness, and social goodness. KARMiC provides suggestions for daily good deeds as well as inspirational quotes. It’s inspired by the idea of karma. When our actions cause someone to feel happier and healthier, the result of such acts causes us to feel the same. By doing a good deed a day with KARMiC you will notice every day that what you do comes back to you.

Positivity Through Purpose

There was a time in my life when almost every task seemed difficult and every simple and minute act was exhausting and beyond my capacity to complete. I slowly began to realize that the one thing that helped me feel better, the one thing that continued to feel effortless and worthwhile, was to help somebody else. When I reached out to help someone, we both rose up. This revelation was so life altering and fulfilling that I wanted to tell people about it, especially those who were also experiencing their own dark days. I know first hand that the best way you can instantly help yourself feel happier and healthier is to be kind and helpful to the people you encounter every day.

It’s Cool To Be Kind

Medical science has proven that even the simple act of smiling can relax up to 300 muscles in your face and body, lower blood pressure and reduce stress. When you’re kind to someone, your smile alone will not only bring joy to the recipient, it will, at the same time, improve your mood, lower your heart rate and help you feel better. KARMiC provides easy actions you can take to change your everyday wellbeing through acts of kindness. How cool is that!

Stay Mindful. Be Kindful

I think of Kindfulness as Mindfulness in action. KARMiC will help you channel your awareness of self and others with suggestions for everyday good deeds that you can achieve easily, as you go about your day. It will give you the pat on the back you deserve for being your best self. It will remind you that you already help people in many ways, every day, and reinforce that little gestures are what truly make up the fabric of kindness.

How I Went From Corporate to KARMiC

I spent 30 years in the competitive, fast-paced and aggressive world of advertising where the sometimes, emotionally neglectful behaviors of this dog-eat-dog world were expected and even respected. I left feeling like I could have done better – like I could have been more understanding, cooperative and compassionate, while still being a boss able to run a successful company. So I took what I knew and practiced in business and decided to use that knowledge to create a brand that could help firstly myself, and now anyone else, be as KARMiC as they are corporate.

Now I teach marketing, branding and advertising at The New School and lecture on the topic to other colleges, corporations and organizations. My love for branding, graphic design, and communications is now channeled into KARMiC, blending my love for this business with my love for people.

A Deed A Day Is All It Takes

Come with me on my KARMiC journey and let’s make everyday-positive-interaction a way of life and the ultimate symbol of lifestyle and substance. The KARMiC journey has no destination but is a continual path of practice. I will regularly share with you through this site what I learn about kindfulness as a way of life, introduce you to people I meet along the way and update you on what kindness looks like based on good deeds the KARMiC community is completing on the KARMiC app.

Get inspired to put your positive focus to use in the world by “kinding” those you encounter during your day, every day. It’s as easy as a smile; telling someone they look great; holding a door or complimenting a co-worker. You don’t need money, a lot of time, or rigorous planning.

When you put your self-awareness to use through feelings of positive engagement, everyone you touch will receive exponential uplift. It’s time to get KARMiC.

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